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    key points

    1. STORAGE:
      • Store your Slugs in a cool place to prevent ball deformities.
    2. WARRANTY:
      • Your Slugs come with a 1-year warranty. If they break, we'll replace them! For steps on how to initiate a replacement request, please go to our website's warranty page.
      • As with any kind of hitting drill, be aware of your surroundings and give enough room for the batter to swing his or her bat.
      • Safety nets are optional, as the balls are soft and can't travel fast off the bat. This makes them great for use in smaller spaces.
      • While Slugs can technically be used for throwing exercises, we instead recommend PlyoBombs and Weighted Balls under supervision by a qualified coach.
      • All types of bats are safe to use with your Slugs.
      • Start simple with some tee hitting. Once comfortable, progress to soft-tosses.
      • Always do a proper warm up before any kind of hitting.
      • Always begin hitting sessions with light swings, followed by progressively faster/harder swings.
      • Stay tuned for our upcoming drills videos.
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